Providing assistance to empower you

Changes in physical functions and mental status can make daily tasks, such as getting dressed or grooming difficult for many people, especially for seniors, and without good personal hygiene, overall health issues can arise.

At Living Well Home Health Care & Supportive Care, we offer assistance with dressing to help your loved ones feel good and look their best every day. Our caregivers are trained and experienced in helping your loved ones choose appropriate clothing for the weather or for different occasions.

Appropriate dressing tips:

  • Established a routine
  • Dress the person from a seated position.
  • Encourage the person to dress by themselves as much as possible to foster independence
  • Choose clothing that fastens in the front or loose-fitting clothes
  • Use bras that open and close in the front.
  • Use tube socks
  • Buy duplicate outfits, especially for your loved ones who have dementia to change clothes easily without a fight

If your loved one needs assistance getting dressed, please feel free to contact us so we can provide you and your loved ones with proper assistance.